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Our cooperation with Attachmate has a very long history.

In the beginning, we cooperated with the company WRQ inc., whitch was developing terminal emulation products since 1981.
The name of the company was much less known than the brand of their Reflection terminal emulation products.

In 2005 se je WRQ merged with one of his biggest competitors - Attachmate.
The new company was first named AttachmateWRQ, and changed the namer later in Attachmate.

In 2006 Attachmate purchased NetIQ, whitch is today a separate business unit inside Attachmate Group.
NetIQ is well known for their tools for IT systems management and administration.

In 2011 Attachmate Group purchased Novell.
Novell is split into two business units - Novell and Suse inside Attachmate Group.

Reflection terminal emulation from Attachmate can be found in 80% of the largest companies in the world and represents the link between desktop and host systems.

A story, that started as a simple tool for connecting to a HP3000 host computer grew into a story of success, whitch placed WRQ and later Attachmate in the top of the terminal emulation marketplace.
Today Attachmate is a global market leader in all segments of terminal emulation.