SI d.o.o.
Slovenska verzija
SI System Integration,
računalniški inženiring d.o.o.
Brnčičeva ulica 031
1000 Ljubljana
tel : +386 1 561-51-80
fax : +386 1 561-11-57
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Network Computing Awards 2015
NSS Labs Recommended

Gartner 2014

InfoTech Research Awards 2014

Frost&Sullivan Awards 2014
About us
Company name SI System Integration, računalniški inženiring d.o.o.
Short name SI d.o.o.
Address Brnčičeva ulica 031, 1000 Ljubljana
Occupation System integration and solutions for security and administration in business networks
Year of establishment 1993
VAT number 78146453
Bank account 03134-1011133418 at SKB banka d.d.
Management Bojan Zajc, direktor

Among our direct and indirect customers, you will find many well known companies from our region.
From their logos we composed the mosaic below:
269x120 296x120 240x120 171x120 630x120 682x120 565x120 171x120 191x120 122x120 120x120 171x120 296x120 240x120 178x120 360x120 259x120 191x120 120x120 404x120 564x120 171x120 171x120 229x120 246x120 171x120 564x120 240x120 630x120 158x120 191x120 590x144 404x120 158x120 209x120 240x120 229x120 682x120 178x120 158x120 161x120 209x120 246x120 171x120 564x120 572x120 246x120 446x120 178x120 240x120 252x120 446x120 572x120 393x120 252x120 120x120 183x120 682x120 230x120 298x120 269x120 436x120 300x120 192x120 572x120 486x120 117x120 259x120 572x120 252x120 404x120 240x120 161x120 516x120 236x120 273x120 298x120 395x120 592x120 351x120 298x120 662x120 421x120 375x120 240x120 396x120 171x120 507x120 120x120 480x120 387x120 516x120 269x120 321x120 120x120 725x120 581x120 740x120 336x120 120x120 240x120 240x120 252x120 240x120 387x120 725x120 286x120 394x120 391x120 725x120 240x120 204x120 209x120 300x120 286x120 1240x120 572x120 725x120 171x120 296x120 120x120 359x120 240x120 456x120 360x120 171x120 254x120 300x120 375x120 240x120 137x120 427x120 300x120 120x120 137x120 359x120 178x120 486x120 229x120 257x120 120x120 192x120 333x120 226x120 240x120 120x120 394x120 191x120 208x120 353x120 300x120 296x120 240x120 307x120 346x120 171x120 267x120 171x120 353x120 396x120 171x120 229x120 160x120 396x120 824x120 456x120 171x120 171x120 269x120 252x120 296x120 353x120 229x120 240x120 230x120 212x120 662x120 404x120 394x120 286x120 285x120 117x120 613x120 427x120 248x120 434x120 1240x120 824x120 117x120 236x120 1240x120 590x144 456x120 572x120 1240x120 240x120 122x120 176x120 516x120 564x120 396x120 368x120 581x120 1240x120 480x120 117x120 171x120 252x120 161x120 613x120 200x120 394x120 613x120 336x120 171x120 286x120 273x120 456x120 208x120 120x120 393x120 421x120 240x120 273x120 404x120 191x120 590x144 236x120 404x120 183x120 252x120 286x120 209x120 192x120 581x120 740x120 99x120 619x120 590x144 174x120 99x120 78x120 200x120 725x120 393x120 240x120 125x120 286x120 725x120 236x120 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